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Domestic Energy Management

Cut Your Electricity Bills

Energy bills are unavoidable - but paying more than you need to for them IS avoidable - let us show you how to save money. We’ve all been there when times are hard - maybe you're unemployed, you have a home, partner and children to look after so you wonder how you're going to manage to pay the least expensive bills let alone the astronomically high energy demands.

electgrical repairs in portsmouth fareham emsworth

I experienced this for a number of years and so I started to pay close attention to every watt of electricity being spent in my household which with my background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering I came up with the idea of how I could save energy - thus saving money. My advice is free and I would be pleased to receive any enquiries.

Top Tips

If you're planning to redecorate a bedroom, refit a kitchen, building an extension or refurbishing an entire property you may want to consider the impact of Sustainability and Smart connectivity. For example why heat downstairs when you’re asleep upstairs or why not automatically turn on appliances at set times during the day when your solar panels are at peak production. These examples are both energy saving and can be controlled by simple apps on your phone with low cost hardware available at most electrical stores.

  • Buy an energy monitor, you will be amazed how you lived without one. They even have devices which tell you what you’re spending rather than what energy you are using.
  • Change all lights to fluorescent or preferably LED.
  • Instead of lowering heating in your home add more thermostats and more control systems
  • Look at what deals your energy supplier is currently offering and even consider other suppliers' tariffs
  • Install solar panels -a percentage of your electric is free during most of daylight hours. During peak production turn on your appliances so they can run from solar energy not your distributer's supply - save £££s.
  • If you’re really keen you can manage appliances with phone apps and hardware to turn on or off by themselves.
  • If you’ve already got solar panels consider having your system upgraded to include battery storage or a diverter system that can transfer unused electricity to home appliances or an emersion heater.
  • Consider getting your home properly insulated.

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